It can sound very strange, but massage penis is procedure, you should definitely try to. Why? Well, where you can enjoy so much pleasant feelings than in this kind of procedure? It is very likely, that in your home you will never have such a pleasure. Massage of your penis can become favourite procedure you will complete every month. For some men can be this procedure very interesting bonus to classic prostate massage, so you can look on that just like that.

internal shape of penis

How does it work?

  • All you need to do is come to the saloon = there will be women, which will welcome you and leads you to the massage room
  • Then you should take a shower = you can choose, if you want to have the shower with masseuse or without her
  • After that you can just enjoy the procedure = if you want, you can extra pay to the special procedure, where your prostate will be stimulated as well

Do you curious, how it can be pleasant? It is sure, that you are, so do not hesitate and call to the saloon. Then you just reserve exact term and you can look forward to very interesting procedure. Almost no girlfriend or wife does this kind of massage to her boyfriend or husband, so do not expect, that you will be that lucky man, who has that luck to have this procedure in home.

ilustration of penis

It is not about cheating

Some wives and girlfriends can tell you, that you are cheating by complete this procedure. Is that true? Well, it is and at the same time it is not. Why? You should realize that this is standard procedure, just like some medical examination. So, you can reach this procedure with this aspect, and your close friend can not tell anything bad. But on the other hand, you will be sexual stimulate by different woman, which can be quite strange in compare to your relationship. If this is some problem, you can try other procedures, but you should trust your body and your desires.